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Visualization Improvements in the Feltron Reports

Feltron gathered a wide range of data to create his Feltron Reports. The reports were furnished with data he collected from his everyday life and each set of data was presented by visualizations, such as lists, graphs, or charts. Feltron also wanted to use such visualizations to have “the simplest way to communicate the data” […]

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The Question of Accuracy with the Historical Map Overlay of Kenai, Alaska

The location I chose for my historical map overlay is the city of Kenai, AK. I chose Kenai because it had one of the better-quality historical maps I could find of an Alaskan city (I found that searching for older maps of Alaskan cities was difficult, as many of them were topology maps). I also […]

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Maps Present History in Different Ways

Historical websites use all sorts of visualizations to better explain the past. For instance, these websites may use charts, diagrams, photos, or artworks to help discuss certain aspects of the past. Maps, old and new, are also part of the list of visualizations historical websites use to explain the past. But the maps used by […]

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My Map and Chart

Here is the map I created using Google Maps. I decided to make a map based on the trip I took to the Baltimore Harbor this summer. I walked around the Harbor, stopping to see many attractions and enjoying the weather.  To my surprise, I enjoyed creating the map, though I did have a difficult […]

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Changes For My Digital Security Practices

I would like to say that do follow good digital security practices. I update my virus scanner. I create hard passwords no one else should know. I back up files I find very important to me. I don’t open suspicious attachments or use my email address on questionable websites.  Even though I follow these practices […]

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Digital Services Should Provide More Protection

Mat Honan states in his article, How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking, that he was mad at himself for allowing his digital life to be compromised. He wrote: “In many ways, this was all my fault. My accounts were daisy-chained together… [and if I had]  been regularly backing up the […]

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