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More Similar Than Odd

The House of the Scorpion (Scorpion, from here on out) is by far the easiest book I have read for this class (with the exception of WE3). Though the book has a straight-forward and somewhat predictable plot, the book is easy to understand with its familiar scenery, non-confusing vocabulary, well-developed characters and, most importantly, a […]

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Is it Live or is it Freedom?

I am finding it easier to focus after walking a bit inside Rorschach. I felt dizzy coming in at first, but I didn’t want it to stop me from the task at hand. Everything looked good so far. No warning signals on the HUD or from the grunts. As long as the team stayed focused, […]

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A Compelling Sentence on The Question of Agency

“She was an abstraction in an abstraction: an impossible intersection of dozens of bright panes, as if the disassembled tiles of a stained-glass window had each been set aglow and animated”. Blindsight, Pg. 142   After reading some of Part II in the book Blindsight, I found that the most compelling sentence in the book […]

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Diary Entry, November XXXX

Note: For the purposes of this blog, I made Akin a little older than he is in Part II, chap. 11, where I got my ideas from. ~KP   I have got to say, today had to be the weirdest, yet most interesting day in my life (well, in my new life). The day started […]

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