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Victor and the Creature had a tumultuous relationship throughout the book of Frankenstein. At the start of the book, Victor, despite all the focus and effort he put into creating the Creature, becomes disgusted by the Creature’s looks and hates him without knowing much about him. The Creature, who soon learns why Victor and other people are afraid of him, starts to hate Victor for not making him more like other human beings.

It is unfortunate that both Victor and the Creature die before really getting to know each other. They both had some things in common. Their love for nature, learning, and being around other people would have made their relationship grow. They would both still be living at the end of the book if they didn’t focus on the negative aspects of their relationship.

For example, if Victor wasn’t afraid to acknowledge the Creature and sympathized with his wishes for learning and companionship, he would see the Creature for who he really was and even help him live to his potential. His relationship with the Creature would have also changed if he went ahead and created a companion for him. That way, the Creature wouldn’t be lonely and Victor would be at peace knowing that they would both be happy.

Now, the relationship of Victor and the Creature would have been much better off if the Creature had a better way of controlling his anger (or hatred) of Victor. It would not have been necessary for the Creature to harass Victor and kill off his family because he didn’t know how to express his feeling towards him. If the Creature adopted a less violent and more peaceful attitude towards his problems Victor wouldn’t be afraid of him and be more willing to help.

If Victor and the Creature gave themselves a chance to know each other better, the book would have had a much different ending. They had many chances to so, but their hatred (fear, more like it) of each other never let them put their differences aside. Maybe there was never a relationship to begin with.

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